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About Jeannine Smith
My Reptile Interests
We had a rosy boa for few years, but gave her up when we moved cross country. We now have kept ball pythons for a few years. We started with sand boas a year after that. This last 8 months I took over the care from my husband since he was busy. I really enjoy the sand boas and have decided to concentrate on them more. We've had a couple un-planned litters from them :)
Other Interests
We enjoy plays and concerts. We have a small family farm with horses and chickens and have been doing 4H with our son the last 2 years.
I like a lot of music, mostly classic country, a smattering of popular country, 80's and 90's pop music and some musicals
Favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride. Star Trek is an obsession. Star Wars is followed avidly. A lot of sci fi and some horror
I'm a dialysis nurse and I'm back in school again to get my Master's in Nursing so I can teach at a nursing school I have worked at a plastics company as a gopher, fast food at Wienerschnitzel, deli counter at a grocery store, vet clinic as a technician, alzheimers caregiver, hospice care giver, stable manager at at dressage/eventing horse barn, record keeping at a law office (shortest job ever, worked 2 weeks and gave 2 weeks notice), still teach CPR, worked at Curves for a bit (not my thing), house keeper, and as a nurse, I've been a med/surg nurse, PCU nurse, tele nurse, float nurse and as a travel nurse worked at 5 different hospitals over 3 years.
Anything else?
i tell way too many stories and odd facts. I have an anecdote for everything
Full Name: Jeannine Smith
Location: New Plymouth, ID  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 24
Member Since: Friday, September 29, 2017
Last Login: Monday, January 18, 2021
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