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About Chip101x
My Reptile Interests
I keep two leopard geckos and a ball python. I've been keeping a whole bunch of different reptiles and amphibians ever since i was little. Sometimes i do some field herping in my backyard, in the woods, and at a lake right down my street.
Other Interests
Friends, Girls, Halo 3, Guitar Hero, Biking, Nature, Fishing, and pretty much anything else a 15 year old boy would like and do.
ACDC, Aerosmith, AFI, Afroman, Akon, Alien Ant Farm, The All-American Rejects, Avenged Sevenfold, Billy Joel, Birdman, Black Eyed Peas, Black Sabbath, Bloodhound Gang, Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, The Charlie, Daniels Band, The Clash, Cobra Starship, Coheed & Cambria, Coldplay, Cream, Daft Punk, Daughtry, David Bowie, Dead Kennedys, Deep Purple, Dio, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Drowning Pool, Eiffel 65, Eminem, Eric Johnson, Faith No More, Fall Out Boy, Fat Joe, Flo Rida, Foo Fighters, Fort Minor, Franz Ferdinand, The Fray, Garbage, Gorillaz, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, H.I.M., Haddaway, Hinder, Hoobastank, Huey, Jibbs, Jim Jones, Joey Ramone, John Mayer, Journey, Kid Rock, The Killers, Lacuna Coil, Lifehouse, Lil Wayne, Linkin Park, Linkin Park & Jay- Z, Living Colour, Lynard Syknard, Madonna, Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty, MC Hammer, Meat Loaf, Men At Work, Metallica, MIKA, MIMS, The Misfits, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Nelly, Nickelback, Nirvana, Ok Go, Outkast, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Plain White T's, Priestess, Queen, Queens Of The Stone Age, Quiet Riot, Rage Against The Machines, The Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Snapper, Rick Ross, Rise Against, Rob Zombie, Robbers On High Street, The Rolling Stones, Saliva, Sean Paul Sir Mix Alot, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins, Social Distortion, Soulja Boy Tell Em', Steppenwolf, Stevie Wonder, Sugar Ray, Survivor, Switchfoot, System Of A Down, T-Pain, Tenacious D, Thin Lizzy, Three Days Grace,Timbaland, Trapt, Twisted Sister, Van Halen, Weezer, Wolfmother, X-Ray Dog, 30 Seconds To Mars
Cloverfield, Diary Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Shaun Of The Dead, Dead Silence, Hot Fuzz, I Am Legend, Disturbia, Tenacious D And The Pick Of Destiny, 28 Days Later, 28 weeks Later and tons of other movies i can't remember.
Right now I'm going into Jackson Memorial High school and I can from Goetz Middle School. Also I might be getting a job at a local pet store where i will be taking care of the reptiles in the store.
Anything else?
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Birthday: July 15
Member Since: Thursday, July 3, 2008
Last Login: Tuesday, August 5, 2008
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