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My Reptile Interests
I got my first leopard gecko when I was 6 and always wanted to get more. It's only more recently that I've been able to explore my fascination with reptiles further. Leos will probably always be my favorite, but I really want to keep a few snakes as well in the future! My dream reptile is a black and white tegu. I operate a very small reptile rescue. Reptiles I hope to get one day: B&W tegu, western hognose, crested gecko, Northern blue tongue skink... kind of a lot, really. c: I hope to breed leopard geckos by 2016 with a focus on W&Y Bells, RAPTORs, and diablo blanco's.
Other Interests
Reading and writing primarily; I'm just that boring. Science has always been a major love of mine as well, especially microbiology (my college major, btw!). I almost majored in music, but science just had a stronger pull for me. I love video games. My favorite platforms are usually Nintendo systems, or computers. I don't watch a lot of tv because we don't get reception out here in the mountains. I started gardening about a year ago, not coincidentally about the same time I got Ngarehu, my bearded dragon.
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I was in medical school for a while until Mom's dementia became too extreme for Dad to handle on his own. I work from home as a writer. Mostly, I write murder mysteries set in historical settings.
Anything else?
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