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About jep14
My Reptile Interests
My passions are large lizards, especially tegus, and colubrids. Right now I am working with crested geckos, red-eyed crocodile skinks, radiated ratsnakes and ball pythons.
Other Interests
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Anything else?
Terms, Conditions and Guarantees: All terms, conditions and guarantees for animals puchased are listed below and will be honored unless otherwise specified in the classified listing. If there are any further questions regarding these policies please feel free to contact me at Failure to read these conditions will not render them void. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that they fully understand all terms prior to purchasing an animal. The buyer is responsible for researching and understanding their local regulations regarding reptiles and amphibians. We reserve the right to refuse service if deemed necessary. Genetics/Sex Guarantee: All animals are guaranteed to be portrayed and listed accurately. Upon the unlikely incident of improper sexing, the animal will be exchanged for the proper sex, or may be returned for a full refund of the animal's purchase price with original owner paying shipping costs. In the unlikely case of improper genetics, the animal's full purchase price will be refunded with no obligation to return the animal. Shipping Terms: Shipping available within the continental United States. Live animals will only be shipped if temperatures throughout the shipping route are between 40 and 90 degrees. Live animals will be shipped using and packed using the appropriate pre assembled kits through the same company. Shipping can be estimated using the originating zip code 31419. Upon completed payment the buyer will be contacted to arrange the best shipping date to accommodate both parties. All shipping charges are non refundable. Live Arrival/Health Guarantee: All reptiles and amphibian have a live arrival guarantee. All feeder insects have a 95% live arrival guarantee with a 10% overage to compensate for any losses during shipping. In order for guarantee to be valid the PURCHASING INDIVIDUAL must be present at the time of delivery. Any shipping issues/deaths must be brought to the attention of the shipper within one hour of delivery. All animals have a 30 day health guarantee. For the guarantee to be valid the animal must recieve a complete physical examination from a certified practicing veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. If a problem is found, a full report from the examining veterinarian must be sent to the shipper within five buisness days of the examination. If a medical condition is found, the animal will be shipped back to the original owner for treatment at the original owner's expense. Upon completion of treatment, the buyer will be given the first right to purchase the animal with all a full report of all medical care rendered. Upon the unlikely incident of the death of a guaranteed animal, undisputable proof of death must be provided to the shipper. Once the shipper recieves valid proof of death, the animal's purchase price will be refunded, or the buyer may select an animal of equal value to be shipped at no additional cost to the buyer.
Full Name: <private>
Location: Savannah, GA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 15
Member Since: Sunday, June 13, 2010
Last Login: Tuesday, June 5, 2012
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