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About Kathy Robbins
My Reptile Interests
I'm a long-time hobbyist (30+ years), and I keep a variety of snakes. My favorites are corns, rats, and bulls, but I also keep carpet pythons, chondros, boas, kings and milks. No shortage of slithery goodness at my house!
Other Interests
We have four senior rescue dogs, and my husband and I are active in local canine-advocacy groups. We volunteer at vaccination clinics, and help with transporting adopted dogs to their new homes.
I'm all over the board regarding music. Having grown up in the 60s, my main influences are rock (American and British invasion), and old-school heavy metal. I enjoy a little of everything, but not a huge fan of country and hip-hop.
Not much of a cinema fan, and haven't been in a movie theater in 18 years.
I have a law-enforcement, nursing, and vehicle dealership background. I currently manage two family-owned auto repair shops, and related used car dealership.
Anything else?
I'm old, tired, and cranky most of the time! No, not really - I'm married to a younger man who helps with attitude adjustments when I deserve it, lol!
Full Name: Kathy Robbins
Location: Metro Detroit, MI  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 07
Member Since: Friday, February 25, 2011
Last Login: Saturday, January 30, 2016
iHerp Level Old Salt (35,943 points)
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