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About ballpythonmom
My Reptile Interests
Besides my BPs, I have a beautiful female anery Gopher snake that I caught out in my backyard. I found her when we were cleaning up the yard before the pool was put in 5 years ago. She eats pre-killed or f/t rats just like the BPs do. Her name is Gracie, but I have no plans to breed her; she's just a pet. I have kept many different reptiles over the years, including a green iguana, black and white tegu, savannah monitor, other gopher/bull snakes, kings, and lots of eastern garters when I was a kid. I caught my first garter snake when I was 2, and have had them ever since.
Other Interests
I love to swim, bike, hike, look for native herps (I live in northern AZ, out in the country). I like to spend time with family and friends, and just plain old hanging out.
No podcast, but I love 80s music best of all, and usually have it playing all the time. As for instruments, I play trombone and keyboards. Not with any group, just for my own enjoyment. I also like 90s alternative rock.
I enjoy comedy movies most of all, as well as the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Not too big into thrillers or musicals. No real favorite actors/actresses.
I paint houses as my full-time occupation. I also work part-time at Family Dollar as a CSR and stocker. I am retired from school bus driving for 14 years, and retired from Motorola where I worked for 19 years before they went offshore.
Anything else?
I also own a 7 year old mini horse which I show, and ride hunter/jumper horses for other people. I'm also very happily married, own my own home on one-half acre, and like to stay busy.
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