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About Chantrelle
My Reptile Interests we go.. Corn snakes Dumeril boas Ball pythons California King Snakes Brazillian Rainbow Boas Jungle carpet pythons I want to get into viper boas, argentine boas, blood pythons, super dwarf retics, and several other intriguing stuff that looks nice and doesnt get huge. Under no circumstances do I do red tail boas. Just dont like them.
Other Interests
Geez...ask! Tons of stuff!
Schoolyard Heroes Larena McKennit Bach And I like all types of music except most country and heavy metal.
Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken Chasing Amy Brokeback Mountain The Girl Next Door The Lion King Neverending Story Most Fantasy Uh..I dont look up to actors and actresses because I believe anybody if they work hard enough can accomplish whatever they dream of and desire.
Professional is my life. Im a mental health case manager in my free time
Anything else?
Yeh, buy snakes from me cause Im awesome!
Full Name: Chantrelle
Location: Eugene, OR  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 11, 1982
Member Since: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Last Login: Friday, August 31, 2012
iHerp Level More Cowbell (21,975 points)
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9/2/2009 Still more to go! [Public] 
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