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About Will
My Reptile Interests
1.2 bci with various genetics, 2.2 yellow anaconda, 0.1 goldenchild reticulated python. I've been keeping snakes for the better part of 19 years, with a few years off here and there. I do field herping any chance I get!!
Other Interests
Really into hiking and exploring. Snowboarding, though I never have time:(. Surfing any chance I get. And hangin with the fam. My 8 year old Marley is pretty freaking awesome, and her little sister Milla is following in her footsteps!
Pretty much like all types of music, but not a fan of country or slow jams...just not my thing. I like rock, reggae, funky jazz, and what ever Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson would be under.
anything horror. the creepier the better. good action pack film are also pretty great too.
Work for Comcast
Anything else?
I've always wanted to star in a ridiculously low-budget film! Just for kicks ya know?? Maybe something equally as bad as Anaconda 3 with David Hasselhoff, but I'd make it cooler. haha
Full Name: Will
Location: , UT  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 24
Member Since: Thursday, November 8, 2012
Last Login: Sunday, September 17, 2017
iHerp Level Old Salt (32,265 points)
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