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About Dawn Switzer
My Reptile Interests
i guess its time to update this again things change all the time. I now have 9 carpets a soon to be clutch of carpets most exciting. i have 4 corns snakes as well and corns are awsome and cute :) i have always been in to reptiles since i was little .my dad wouldn't let me own any snakes growing up so i didn't know the joys of keeping these animals until 07 when i got my frist corn snake and now i have a total of 15 animals i think. i have learned a lot about the hobby thru my dear friend speedy and thanks buddy for all the help you have givin me over the past three years! i will miss you! so thats about it!
Other Interests
beer... beer ... more beer:) yeah i still don't feel like typing a long list but i like reading books of all sorts my fav r vampire romance um love to travel when i have the funds hey i work for an airline so i fly for free lol:)
mmmm wow i like all sorts of music from soft rock to pop to r&B and rap but i mostly listen to r&B and any ways to list some of my fav I love linkin park , aerosmith, guns and roses ... yeah i know they are old but so am i lol i like creed and various other rock bands .... i love prince all time fav , Alicia keys i love her and besides she is sexy :) and many more just don't feel like typing it all out lol
yeah this is a long list but defaintly need to up date this soo any ways Avatar now ranks at the top of my list along with Lord of the rings all three star wars i love star wars but the ones with harrsion ford lol ... there is many more but don't feel like typing it out as far as actors i love Johnny Depp and hollywood so underrates him is just soo pheonmal as an actor he deserves his oscar!!
i work for an airline i am one the that puts your heavy ass bag on the plane and all that jazz i work for US airways the pay isn't all that great but i do love what i do though ... so that makes all the differance ! oh did i mention i fly for free!:)
Anything else?
RIP speedy! aug 6, 1970 - may 13 ,2010! you will forever be in my heart! Miss you dearly!
Full Name: Dawn Switzer
Location: Philadelphia ,pa , PA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 16, 1978
Member Since: Sunday, October 5, 2008
Last Login: Saturday, March 31, 2012
iHerp Level Old Salt (28,953 points)
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