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About Mark Mercier
My Reptile Interests
I have been keeping and breeding reptiles since the mid-1970s. I've kept many varieties of snakes including Boas, Pythons, Colubrids, Elapids, and Vipers. I am currently focusing on Boa constrictor sp. and Blood Pythons.
Other Interests
I enjoy Fishing, Gardening, Martial Arts, Collecting Antique Japanese Swords, and Training Bonsai.
I like many kinds of music including, Country, Classic Rock, Folk, and Celtic.
Harry Potter Series (Movies and Books), LOTR Trilogy, A Knight's Tale, Excalibur, Highlander, Medicine Man, Gods and Generals, Jaws, Underworld, Tombstone, etc.
My degrees are in Biology and Geology. I make Bamboo Flyrods, and Woodwork (Primarily custom Magick Wands). I am also getting back into breeding Boa constrictor and Blood Python morphs.
Anything else?
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Full Name: Mark Mercier
Location: Mobile, AL  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 23
Member Since: Sunday, January 3, 2010
Last Login: Monday, July 23, 2012
iHerp Level More Cowbell (17,674 points)
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