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About CritterCollin
My Reptile Interests
I keep crested geckos (Rhac. Ciliatus), Leopard geckos (E. macularius), and all sorts of frogs and toads that I catch around my place. I would like to branch out to more Rhacs and possibly get more leopard geckos. (Donate money to those in need... ;) ) If I could, I would branch out to BP's and chondros, but snakes are not welcomed in this house (AKA they WILL be shot.). I got the reptile bug when I was about five, just catching five-lined skinks and anoles outside, taking care of them for a while, and letting them go. I got into exotic reptiles just a few years ago when I went to the pet store for supplies and saw a beautiful little bearded dragon looking straight at me. After a little convincing, my mom bought me the little guy which I named Leroy (I'm from the country, what do you expect???). He died last year from an unknown cause. In September, I got an offer from somebody on Reptilegeeks that they would sell me one of their hatchling crested geckos for 20$, so I looked over care, requirements, and everything, bought supplies, and in the mail came 2 week old harley-pinner Shirako. Then, after a couple months of seeing how awesome he was, I wanted more! So to the pet store I went...and saw them housing a cute little buckskin on sand. I quickly asked how much he was, and they said 80$ (-_-), but I took him. Named him Chester, made him a home, and he is still recovering from wavy tail and MBD. The same day, I saw a beautiful little blonde harley female for sale on, and bought her too. I think it was the cute little gleam in her eyes that got me. She arrived at my house 3 days later, and I found that she had the GREATEST personality. I named her Mia, and she is still my favorite little gecko. Then I bought little Goober at a show in Houston for 40$, and I love this little dude!
Other Interests
I go outside and shoot random things with guns every now and then, I ride 4wheelers often, I am into electronics and music...that is just about it.
My favorite bands are Eminem, One eskimO, Limp Bizkit, Seether, Alice In Chains, Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Xzibit, and Neon Trees.
Saw, The Orphan, The Hurt Locker, Don't Mess with the Zohan, The Losers, The Other Guys, The Green Zone, CSI, Fringe, Deadliest Warrior, UFC, Whale Wars, Tosh.0, South Park, Family Guy, and Happy Tree Friends.
Just school, but I get money by working for my dad, building stuff.
Anything else?
I dissapoint everyone :P
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Birthday: December 04
Member Since: Wednesday, August 4, 2010
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