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About Tyler Arseneau
My Reptile Interests
I keep snakes and lizards, with a preference towards the former. My main interests lie in snakes with interesting behaviors. I hope to work up to keeping large monitors and venomous snakes (specifically elapids, arboreal vipers, and some rattlesnakes) through training and learning. I have kept reptiles for going on 7 years steady, though have owned some previous to that... my life revolved around them even when I owned none.
Other Interests
I play World of Warcraft, drink a lot of tea, and read. I'm a vegetarian and spend a lot of time reading and learning about veg nutrition. My passion aside from reptiles/exotics, other animals, and animal rights is media... I have a lot of opinions on everything ranging from movies to comics, and everything in between.
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I am a freelance illustrator and a phone jockey.
Anything else?
My biggest pet peeve about the reptile community is how rampant 'trading' is, and how often people re-home animals when they have no use for them. Exotics are not our right but our privilege, and we need to understand that we will care for them for their lifespan when we choose to own one.
Full Name: Tyler Arseneau
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