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About Stephanie Siebert (now Laumeyer)
My Reptile Interests
I started catching native wildlife as soon as I could walk, gotta love Oregon woods! Since then, I've had a myriad of pets throughout my childhood, waterdragons, iguanas, geckos, a caiman for awhile, etc. etc. I got my first boa constrictor at a petco 7 or so yrs ago and saw a Sunglow on a caresheet page, this was when they were still worth around $2,000 ea! That was it! I had to have one and the only way to get there was to breed my way up... but now that I've gotten to that point, I can't stop! ******************************************************************************** I love all herps, but mainly am into boa morphs. The next big thing I work with now, as I am in breeding contract on them with Jessica Gorges-Johnson (my hero!), is a collection of SD, D, and normal size, retic morphs. I also personally own a 1.2.4 Carpet group, 1.2 Bloods, 1.1.1 Borneo bloods, 1.2 Children's pythons. My snakes are my babies! ******************************************************************************** No field herping for now, no time and too many animals inside my house to care for! LOL! However, I am now a member of a local herp club called CORHerpetology and some of the gatherings are field trips to view and possibly catch-and-release some herps, so maybe I will get into that a bit here shortly too?
Other Interests
Uh, there is fun outside of reptiles?
I love everything! Athough, I think rock... no matter from what time period -almost-, is the music of my heart! :)
Hmm... I like wholesome shows like Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, etc. etc. I don't have Satellite or cable though, so I do watch a lot of sci fi, horror, action, and comedy movies. If it involves drama and tears though, have fun, but I'm going to go clean cages! Bleh! ***************************************************************************** Oh and I think Anthony Hopkins is at the top 5 of my fav. list for sure!
Working full time at a grunt job cleaning medical supplies (reprocessing), but someday I will work from home (ya right!) I do want to go back to school after my husband finishes school to be a firefighter/paramedic, but I no longer know what I want to do with myself... besides breed snakes and draw? Hmm... decisions, decisions.
Anything else?
I did just register a business name for my small hobby, The Snake Pusher. I built a little website for free too, to showcase a few animals I have for sale or what I'm working on, if anyone wants to take a look! :)
Full Name: Stephanie Siebert (now Laumeyer)
Location: Redmond, OR  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 13, 1983
Member Since: Saturday, July 3, 2010
Last Login: Saturday, August 23, 2014
iHerp Level Old Salt (46,937 points)
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