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About brandon workman
My Reptile Interests
i have my 1 goliath bird eater (Therphosia Blondi) she is rich brown and gorgeous. other than her i have several Green Tree Pythons. 2 at the moment, 1 out on a breeding loan, 1 paid for that im waiting on delevry and 1 with moneys down and on hold. i plan to purchase many more too. and lastly but certinly not least, my 2 dogs. boston terriers. Audi bear, she is my old lady. i have had her for 13 years! she still kicks dirt just like a puppy. :) andy my little puppy, Monster Man. he was born on november 12 2011. so he is little over a year. he is my heart man i love that little dog! and a whirl whind of caos!! i have had all maner of animals (reptiles mostly) all my life. usualy a friend, my brother and i go field herping at least once a year. we have some property in the Ozarks and we go up there for 3 days and camp and look for critters. :)
Other Interests
out side of reptiles my interests are metal fabrication, hot rods, choppers, and women. i have a small shop where i build bikes, and hot rods for fun. no moneys in it for me. just pleasure of driving kool autos.
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Full Name: brandon workman
Location: memphis, TN  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 14, 1983
Member Since: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Last Login: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
iHerp Level Spice Weasel (11,003 points)
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