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About Mike Clark
My Reptile Interests
Reptiles have been my biggest interest since I was a young kid. I have always been the one to be in the field or creek chasing snakes, turtles, or anything that had scales. Throughout my teenage years, I was known as the "snake man" by the golfers around the golf course that I worked at. Anytime someone found or saw a snake on the course, I was the first one called, to come make an ID. After college, my dream started becoming reality as I was able to start aquiring some Green Tree Pythons, the snakes I had always seen in magazines and dreamed of working with. I started working towards building a solid collection in 2003, and haven't looked back since! In 2006, I was fortunate enough to be able to build an entire room dedicated to the snakes. The "snake room" is complete with seperate electrical, lighting, insulated walls and ceiling, tiled floor, and a vented window for cooling. This is a hobby that will stay with me for life! I have also started messing with Kenyan Sand Boas. This started as a single pet female I aquired in 2003 from Jason's Jungle that has now grown to a very large collection producing babies every year! I now have several adults and many up and coming projects. I guess I need to start getting pictures of these snakes uploaded here as they are starting to take over quickly!
Other Interests
I enjoy home remodeling and anything related. I am good at tile work and most everything else that a worn down home could need. I also enjoy field herping, fishing, and anything related to cars. My other addictions include firearms and whiskey bottle collecting. I'm always interested in trading a snake for a new gun!
Not really a music person, but I listen to Rock, R&B, rap, and most anything else other than country.
Most war movies, action, and anything that is based on true stories. I hate the fake horror junk that my wife always seems to drag me into.
I'm basically an "Immediate responding marriage counselor". I love my job, it gives me the freedom I need and I have a mobile office with 8 windows:)
Anything else?
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Full Name: Mike Clark
Location: Louisville, KY  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 02, 1980
Member Since: Sunday, June 28, 2009
Last Login: Sunday, November 10, 2013
iHerp Level Old Salt (41,122 points)
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