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About Jen
My Reptile Interests
Crested geckos since 2011.
Other Interests
As a breeder, my focus and passion was educating people about reptiles as pets, and encouraging people to choose an animal that truly fits their lifestyle. The animals always came first, and that meant big, well-furnished and clean enclosures, quality food, and making sure everyone went to a good home in the end. To all of you who supported me by buying an animal, telling friends about me, or even just checking out the geckos I had the joy of caring for, I can't thank you enough. Stay tuned, as I am working hard to begin the journey anew, with lessons learned and even greater dedication to being part of a community that takes pride in setting the right example.
I am a telecommunications engineer in my professional life, with hobbies in photography and breeding crested geckos.
Anything else?
Due to political instability in our new home in Santiago, Chile, we have had to delay our future breeding plans. We are looking into relocation options and hope to be up and running soon. Meanwhile, check out Tip-O-Texas Geckos, where the majority of our collection is staying while we get things straightened out on our end. Huge, huge thank you to Maria for taking them on and keeping them all happy and healthy!
Full Name: Jen
Location: Schaumburg, IL and Colorado Springs, CO,   US
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 22
Member Since: Thursday, October 6, 2011
Last Login: Sunday, September 27, 2020
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