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My Reptile Interests
I've kept Reptile for probably 5 years all together now. They facinate me, especially how tolerant they can be with human interaction. Im always inspired by how they can "bounce" back from bad situations too. I don't really do much field herping other than catch and release. My Reptiles include: Brazillian Rainbow Boa Ball Python 2 Argentine Black and White Tegu 2 Whites (Dumpy) Tree Frogs 1 American Bull Frog 3 Corn Snakes Bearded Dragon 6 Madagasar Wide Horned Hissers
Other Interests
I am a crafter. Mainly bead work such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and various other jewelry. I am also a big gardener (which I seem to have inherited from my mother).
I don't really have any favorite bands. I mainly know what I don't care for which is Country music. Most everything else I can tolerate or enjoy.
I watch any and all scary movies. I really enjoy haunted house/boat/etc. movies. The ones that really give me the hee bee jee bees and I feel I need to turn a light on in the house before going to bed.
I am currently unemployed but have been searching. I have about 3 years in college studying Psychology. I took a year off and will be returning to school soon. Lately, I've been becoming extremely interested in becoming a Reptile Vet.
Anything else?
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Full Name: <private>
Location: Redmond, OR  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 25
Member Since: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Last Login: Friday, October 14, 2011
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