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About Stuart Ong
My Reptile Interests
My interest in R & A started in my early teens and there has been many starts and breaks in this never ending fascination.But with this longest break or drought, close to 17 years, from the pleasure of their company, I'm now coming back with much renewed interest and enthusiasm. My collection started just over a year ago and has now been ' edited ' down to a few Chameleons. I need to revise my program and see what direction I would like to go in. We do not have the luxury of space living in Hong Kong, gardens are only found in some other ' foreign lands ' unfortunately, so the species that we can keep are indeed very space dependant. Hong Kong has a rich herpetogical variety, surprisingly and we , my friends and I take monthly field trips into different parts of the territory to take pictures of the species we come across. We normally take night trips , prefably after light rains from either on the same day or the day because we've noticed that's when we encounter the most species out and about. I shall put them up into a different folder for our members to see.
Other Interests
I have always played Badminton and gym ed for physical exercise, love to go to the occasional dance parties, and also being a gregarious animal , love to be around groups of friends who go out dining , movies, etc..
I listen to English songs only, primarily American favorite free radio is AOL radio and I listen to the sections in R & B, Blues, Jazz, and I love Country western. The influence must have had something to do with my college years in San Francisco from 1973-1979. No, I don't play any instruments although I'm sure Karokeing doesn't count!
Again, as my first language is English, my major movies are American or English. Considering all the major categories there are, I shall not bore you with the details. Nevertheless, I see a lot and in all categories and they all carry their special actors and actresses.
My line of business is Interiors styling.
Anything else?
The Herpetological scene in Hong Kong did not really take off until the late 80's. This was partly due to the collaboration of several specialist shops and the setting up of the first commercial cricket farm of which I was the founder-1989-1995. The establishment of this cricket and the introduction of the giant meal-worms were from my farm from those days and I venture to say the present progeny are from there.
Full Name: Stuart Ong
Location: Hong Kong SAR,   HK
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 14, 1953
Member Since: Thursday, February 3, 2011
Last Login: Tuesday, February 8, 2011
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