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About FVagster
My Reptile Interests
I am very interested in breeding my Boas this season. The male I have has an awesome stripe from about the lower third of his total length. If this proves out I will have quite a gem of a snake. He was a donation ton to the pet store I frequent and they had NO genetics on him, so he was sold as a RTB. PICS COMING! In addition I plan to pair my two BP Cinnamons together this season as well. I hope I'm not getting in over my head.
Other Interests
We have four dogs and a cat. Sophia our cat is a senior citizen at approx 11 Y/O. Then there is Zeus our animal shelter rescue, he is Rot/Shep/Lab mix, awesome dog! And Zena a white Husky Malimute mix! A real lady killer! Charlie was an impulse from my wife. The most recent addition to our MAMMAL clan is Brandy a cute little Daschaund. I have several Stag Horn Ferns and Night blooming Sirius plants. I also have several shoot of plumeria going. I am working my way to Ficus saplings. Cooking, I would love to be on an amature version of IRON CHEF! I love using different wood to smoke my pork and beef ribs with. I have "PERFECTED" a personal spice rub! I have completed a few Sprint Triathalons and just love the outdoors! I have recently retaken up plastic model building. Vintage WWII aircraft 1:48 scale. Not to mention I also a nice collection of night blooming cereus and bromeliads. I am working on my BSHS via online.
I am all over the spectrum here. But mostly classic rock. I like hearing the old stuff I grew up with in the early 70's PRE disco end of Bubble-Gum music. Fav album is "Heavy Metal Motion Picture Soundtrack"
I LOVE "1941", for some reason I just cant get that movie out of my head. Blazing Saddles, JAWS, Star Wars Ep IV, Breakfast Club... Check me out on FaceBook! "I've got'em right in my sights..." "I don't think you're gonna hit it.."
US Navy 21 years in Nov 2013! Prev Med tech CPO!!! Working on my BSHS via online!
Anything else?
I love my wife (US Navy LT) and Daughter.
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