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About Thomas Wilcox
My Reptile Interests
Snakes, Spiders, Lizards... I go Field Herping as much as i can, although i rarely capture wild, i take lots of pictures, im getting alot better in my photography skills lol Im a bit of a collector and i run a rescue & re-home facility withing my home, i work with my local pet stores, Pest control centers & Animal hospitals.. I take in injured/homeless reptiles feed and care for them until i can relocate or find a home for them, sometimes it is successful sometimes it ends in tragedy, it all depends on where the reptile comes from....
Other Interests
I am a bouncer & tattoo artist by trade, if you can call those a trade, more like a passion or a extreme hobby, :)
Tool, Incubus, Tech N9Ne, Disturbed, Gnarls Barkley, CKY, Dethklok, Mastadon, Rehab, Ice Cube, Krizz kaliko, Skaterman & Snug Brim,
Fear and loathing in las vegas, Eight legged freeks (so lame yet so funny) Snatch, King Kong, Spiderman (all), Most Disney (cartoons)
- not entered yet -
Anything else?
ummm..... I'm Dysfunctional! Anxiety it freeks me out! Anxiety it tweeks me out!
Full Name: Thomas Wilcox
Location: Carrollton, GA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 15, 1979
Member Since: Thursday, July 7, 2011
Last Login: Monday, July 18, 2011
iHerp Level Advanced Newbie (651 points)
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