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Miss Lindsay

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My Reptile Interests
I have had a few snakes in my (snake life) Georgey has been my main man (and the only one that has stayed around).. I've had another ball, that I got from the pet store sick, but i felt so bad for her that i HAD to have her! :) She graced my presents for about 2 years, she was a love bug. she died out of nowhere but i was so happy to have had the time i did with her. I've also had a red tail boa (which was my LEAST favorite, due to it's poor temper and well.... yea i'd say that's pretty much it! i dont like a mean snake.. Then I had a 7 foot red tail boa that was "dropped off" by a "friend" he (i call him 'he') That snake was my daughter's fathers Biggest Mistake, as he got him when my daughter was an infant.. so after he was removed.. (her father) lol ;) the snake was then MY responsibility. I fed him here and there, but was Completely unable to hold or care for him ( i like a snake like 3-4 ft and under) so i search online and found a Perfect home for him with a couple that were more experienced in the Enormous snake department than me :) now I just have George (my ball python) he is a Great snake (my baby-boy) i love him to pieces and cant wait to have another ball just like him :)
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Anything else?
I have been a single mom to my Beautiful daughter for almost three years now, I have never loved or cared about something So Much in my life. I'm so proud every day of her and the little lady she is becoming, my heart melts when I think of her <3
Full Name: Lindsay
Location: , VT  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 01, 1986
Member Since: Monday, June 6, 2011
Last Login: Friday, August 3, 2012
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