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About Leigh Propper
My Reptile Interests
All my herps are my beloved pets! Aside from snakes, I have 1 western painted turtle and 1 leopard gecko. I would like to get a tortoise someday soon.
Other Interests
I have 3 horses of my own, and I ride/train/compete horses--in hunter/jumper/foxhunting.. I also love bellydance/middle eastern dance, reading, web design, anime, and history. I pretty much maintain a full time zoo outside of work, with 100ish snakes, 1 turtle, 1 gecko, a 75 gallon fresh water tank, 2 Saint Bernards, 6 cats, and my rodent colony. I am never bored!
The Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Live, Ace of Base, The Beatles, Tori Amos. I have very eclectic musical taste and I pretty much love all kinds of music. I have played classical piano off and on since I was 5.
The Black Stallion, Hackers, The Illusionist, Moulin Rouge,The Butterfly Effect, The Last Unicorn, Secret Garden. I love Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Viggo Mortensen -- Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Connoly.
I am a laboratory professional specially trained in histopathological diagnostics aka "Histotechnologist". I work in a hospital laboratory in Gainesville, FL. I have a dual degree in History and Biology, mostly focused on the History of Science and Equine History. I would love to go back to school and get my Masters/Doctorate to teach History at a college level.
Anything else?
Feel free to check out my website, or
Full Name: Leigh Propper
Location: Gainesville, FL  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 11, 1983
Member Since: Saturday, August 23, 2008
Last Login: Monday, November 12, 2012
iHerp Level iHerp Junkie (143,439 points)
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