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Golden Gate Geckos

About Marcia McGuiness
My Reptile Interests
I am a breeder of 7 species of terrestrial geckos... Leopard Geckos, Fat-tail Geckos, Banded Geckos, and 4 species of Aussie Geckos: Smooth and Rough Knobtails, and Thick-tails. I've been a gecko breeder since 1995, but have always loved Morelia Pythons. I finally dove in and got my first GTP, "Chahaya" (Cha-Cha), from Kathy Maynard at the NARBC Anaheim Show in 2008. I now have "Sambandra" (Samba) my pretty GTP girl from Greg Stephens at Arboreal Specialties, and a lovely Aru female GTP, "Tangorah" (Tango). Finally, I have a gorgeous high-yellow male Jungle Carpet Python, "Billabong", from Michael Beach, and 2 lovely female Jungle Carpet Pythons, "Toorahloo" from Max Johnson, and "Janaya" from Nathan Jamieson. I am completely smitten by the Morelia species! I will probably try my hand at breeding them in 2013.
Other Interests
I enjoy reading good novels, listening to good music, cooking (and eating) good food, and good wine!
I am very rusty in playing piano and guitar, but I love all kinds of music. We have a very eclectic collection of a wide variety of music from Bach to ZZ Top. My favorite singer is Andrea Bocelli, and I love the music of Pink Martini!
There are too many to mention, but I'm especially fond of Nicholas Cage.
I am an Ordained Unitarian Minister, and although I'm not a church Pastor, I still do wedding ceremonies, which is LOTS of fun!
Anything else?
My husband Glenn and I have 2 children, Julie (38) and Danny (31), and 5 grandkids, Milana (19), Jordan (17), Hollis (11),Aryssa (3), and Dainon (18 months). We enjoy our animals, music, the outdoors, and time with our family.
Full Name: Marcia McGuiness
Location: SF Bay Area, CA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 03, 1954
Member Since: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Last Login: Friday, July 15, 2016
iHerp Level Superbad (94,001 points)
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