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My Reptile Interests
Hmm, what herps do I keep? All kinds. My first snake was a rough green snake when I was about fourteen. But my first herp was two red-eared sliders when I was four. As a kid I would keep fence lizards and blue-tailed skinks. As of now I have two yellowed-bellied sliders (Blip and Bloop) and two rescued easter box turtles (Martie and Mabel) Martie has a messed up eye and Mabel was almost someones meal!! I also have a Super Tiger Monkey Frog and a few Bufo's, some salamanders and a green frog. But My real passion is Snakes...It started out with one little $50 Het Clown female and turned into a whole collection and breeding project. Now I keep Carpets of various types, several ball pythons, cali-kingsnakes, brazilian rainbow boas, a dumerils, a few sand boas (which drive me insane) three rat snakes (1 black rat and 2 white oak X texas rat) and my beloved Hypo BCI ... When I can I try to do a little field herping. My parents farm is the best place. There is always a piece of tin to flip. I also recently joined the KY Herp Society...
Other Interests
Tarantulas, a lot of tarantulas. I also work with dogs. I grew up on a farm and have always had a love for working with animals. Veterinary science is a huge thing with me and I am constantly reading , mostly science related stuff. I paint and sculpt on an occasion and generally enjoy being outdoors. I also keep goldfish. Its a weird thing that most people don't get... My look however does not really seem to fit my hobbies...I guess I have a little bit of a psychobilly, rockabilly vibe going. I love low brow art and I have a few tattoo's. I was told once I looked like one of Brian Viveros' girls...
Bands....that's kind of hard. I love bands like the Misfits, Cramps, Horror Pops, Mister Monster, Blitzkid and the Independents. But I also have a huge thing for David Bowie. But I also listen to the bands like the Cure. And I absolutely love the National and Iron and Wine. My music taste is all over the place...
I'm getting ready to take a few wildlife rehab. classes and get registered to do that. I've done a few animal sciences classes in the past. But rescue work is my true love. Currently I work for a kennel. I basically hang out with dogs all day. I also work as a paralegal for a family lawyer. I mostly file papers and fill out legal forms.
Anything else?
I think I am a snake hoarder hiding behind the guise of a business :)
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