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My Reptile Interests
We personally keep several different morph ball pythons and a boa for good measure. D got his first ball python "Bitten" when he was barely a teen, sadly his beloved male BP was stolen from his backyard several years later. We have had reptiles as a couple for the last consecutive six+ years. We both have had an interest in reptiles since we were children which is why we chose to raise our children with reptiles, we pride ourselves in raising children to have respect and love for all creatures, not just the ones with fur. Our children have their own "pet" ball python and hold him often. This fall we do plan to start field herping with them, in the same place I went as a child.
Other Interests
We horseback ride, bike, hike, run, swim and occasionally surf. Truth is, we spend ALOT of time outdoors.
I personally am a diehard country lover and always have been. D enjoys all genres of music including metal and rock. He plays guitar and banjo also.
We enjoy several different genres of movies.
As a couple we began breeding reptiles as a hobby in 2007 and hope to acquire some of our dream snakes through doing so, if we make our money back to cover our investment costs we will be more then pleased of course ;)
Anything else?
D and I are proud parents of our two E boys. Hence the name ADEE.
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Gender: Female
Birthday: September 28
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