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About Bethany
My Reptile Interests
I keep mostly lizards (my ultimate favs ever since I was 5), but I love all herps. Some day I would love to have my own collection of Rhabdophis, Macropisthodon, L. alterna, Strophurus, Nephrurus, with a strong focus on Abronia and Candoia.
Other Interests
I live in Tennessee- I love the land and the people. My true passion will always be for reptiles and amphibians and the great outdoors! I like reading books about herpetology, with a particular interest in ecology, antipredator mechanisms, and venomous herpetology. I love dogs- especially doberman pinschers. They are so elegant, noble, and loyal.
Music that is easy to listen to: bluegrass and *some* country. I really enjoy the Zac Brown Band, Alison Krauss and the Union Station! My favorite instrument is the dobro.
Old classic movies are the best, but I also like The Avengers and LOTR series.
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Anything else?
My name is Bethany... my nickname is Thany. I'm a Christian. I love bareback horseback riding. I'm a "young author" on the Wandering Herpetologist website. To do a little bragging, I was the first person in the United States to successfully incubate and hatch a clutch of snakes under the genus Rhabdophis (R. subminiatus helleri). I LOVE mushroom fights! It's like a snowball fight but 100 times better (extremely hilarious to boot).
Full Name: Bethany
Location: Fayetteville, TN  US
Gender: <private>
Birthday: August 06
Member Since: Monday, September 3, 2012
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