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About Kristy
My Reptile Interests
I currently have a collection of Leopard Geckos, Corn snakes,African Fat Tail Geckos and Bearded dragons. I've always had a love for animals in general but reptiles have always been my passion. I finally had the means to start keeping some when I finally bought a house and I've been loving every minute! I love going to local shows to see all the new and exciting herps out there! I'm definetly looking to expand my collection all the time! I've recently been having the itch for a ball python so we will see :)
Other Interests
When I'm not consumed with my reptile fetish I like to go out with friends, watch movies, do some crafts when time allows and anything outdoors! You can also catch me on facebook under Rose's Reptiles.
Too many to list! I love music of all kinds!
Horror would be my genre of choice! Guess I'm slightly morbid but the bloodier the better! I am a big fan of Rob Zombies work, I loved House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects!
I have a full time job cause the bills have to get paid. I work in customer service. Which means a spend a good part of my day listening to people complain about the most mundane issues. I'm hoping to get further into the reptile industry someday! I want to expand my collection and start vending at more shows.
Anything else?
I'm absolutely open to any advice,tips and tricks anyone has and would love to share my experiences as well! My website is up, still under some construction though. Check it out! Any feedback is appreciated!
Full Name: Kristy
Location: Reading, PA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 21
Member Since: Monday, September 28, 2009
Last Login: Sunday, July 29, 2012
iHerp Level Old Salt (28,342 points)
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