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About Marine
My Reptile Interests
I keep a variety of several reptile species & other animals (100+ animals in all atm). I have been keeping reptiles for over 11 years. My husband & I love to go field herping, and occasionally the kids come too! I also do local reptile rescue, and Educational Reptile Shows at schools, scouts, libraries, other organizations, & community events. I enjoy learning more about reptiles & teaching kids about reptiles. NEW WEBSITE! Under construction
Other Interests
I enjoy fishing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, camping, tattoos, dancing, walking, sun-bathing, chatting with friends & meeting new ones, reptile forums, myspace, facebook, Runescape online game, decorating for Halloween & Christmas too! :o) NEW WEBSITE! Under construction
NEW WEBSITE! Under construction
NEW WEBSITE! Under construction
I was a 911 Dispatcher (on/off for over 15 years). Currently on call for a security agency & looking for a good full time job! NEW WEBSITE! Under construction
Anything else?
My name is Marine & I'm 35, my husband is Travis & he's 38, I have 2 sons from a previous marriage-Keith 14, & Seth is 12. Anything else you want to know, just ask! Coming soon: 0.1 Yellowbelly Ball Python 100% het Ghost (Elvira 2011) NEW WEBSITE! Under construction
Full Name: Marine
Location: Brunswick, GA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 30, 1976
Member Since: Thursday, October 2, 2008
Last Login: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
iHerp Level Superbad (80,650 points)
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