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About Matthew Thompson
My Reptile Interests
I have been keeping reptiles since I was 8, and been helping people understand them since I was about 12. I do a little field herping but never keep any of them(though it's been very tempting). I keep a variety of reptiles and hope to expand my collection quite a bit in the next couple of years as I get into breeding.
Other Interests
Reading takes up most my time other than my animals, I also watch many movies and like to go to the zoo, and places that are open past midnight other than bars.
I listen to everything except country, I love old classics by Sinatra to Lamb of God, so if it's good I like it plain and simple, though I do tend to listen to 90's rock and alternative the most.
I like alot of movies and collect them as well. For the most part I watch foreign movies and comedies, along with a good amount of anime and B-class horror flicks. My fav actress is Audrey Toatou, she is a french actress and after watching a movie called Amelie she jumped to the top hands down.
I run a 'green' energy power plant in MD, it's a slow job but pas well so oh well, lol. I'm currently getting future breeders and hope to breed on a small scale and open a rescue and santuary once I get to move down south
Anything else?
I go by Scar, though my name in Matt.
Full Name: Matthew Thompson
Location: Salisbury, MD  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 01, 1983
Member Since: Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Last Login: Thursday, April 26, 2012
iHerp Level Superbad (80,885 points)
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