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About Marcus Stevens
My Reptile Interests
I have been keeping herps most of my life. Got my first snake when i was 5 (a garter snake) and have been at it ever since. Right now my collection is as follows: 0.1 Ball python 1.0 Bumblebee Ball Python 0.1 Cinny Ball Python 0.1 Mojave Ball Python 0.1 Pastel Ball Python 0.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa 0.1 Amel cornsnake 0.1 Blue Tick hound/ Short Haired Pointer mix PREVIOUSLY OWNED LIST: 0.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa.... RIP Jameson 11 APR 2008 0.1 Columbian Red Tail Boa 0.0.1 Ball Python 0.0.1 Burmese Python 1.0 Green Iguana 0.0.1 Garter Snake 1.2 Bearded Dragons of different morphs 1.1 Chilian Rose Hair Tarantula 1.0 Pot Bellied Pig (RIP) 0.0.1 Emperor Scorpion Various corn and ball python and king snake morphs.....and probably a few more critters i have forgotten. I am vice president of a reptile rescue group called VIIPER (Virginians Interested In Protecting Every Reptile). I have been in the Navy for over 10 years, my job is a Sonar Technician though right now I just finished shore duty as an instructor and am about to head back out to sea. I love what i do for a living.
Other Interests
I love music of all kinds, tattoos, and firearms. I am a life member of the NRA. I hail from Roebuck, South Carolina. And i have the most Awesome wife and daughter ever!
Pretty much anything, though mostly Country and Rock
Schiendlers List, Kids, Braveheart, Lucky Number Slevin.
Been in the navy for over 10 years.
Anything else?
Anything else, just ask.
Full Name: Marcus Stevens
Location: Norfolk, VA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 16, 1982
Member Since: Sunday, November 2, 2008
Last Login: Tuesday, August 3, 2010
iHerp Level More Cowbell (15,620 points)
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