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About Erica Bradley
My Reptile Interests
I came from a snake phobic family, where I could not even have a toy snake. I tried though, but finding hidden rubber snakes just made it worse, I think. I have always loved reptiles, much to my family's horror and I swore that one day, I would own a Komodo Dragon and a King Cobra. I haven't managed either one yet. ;) I have a deep love for monitors, but I only own a timor at this time. I hope to one day have the space to bring home an asian water monitor. I'm also crazy about sunbeam snakes. They are beautiful, fascinating creatures. I plan on getting a few more eventually and seeing if I can figure out the trick to getting them to breed in captivity.
Other Interests
I enjoy playing a game called Equine-Ranch. It's a genetics based horse simulation game. I also love to read and spend time outdoors in nice weather.
Corvus Corax, Thee Hobo Gobbelins, Johnny Hollow, The Decemberists, Faun, etc..
I really like Del Toro's films.
Currently job hunting, fortunately we can get by on what my fiance makes. Just gives me more time to take care of the creatures.
Anything else?
I'm a very boring person.
Full Name: Erica Bradley
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 08, 1984
Member Since: Saturday, July 30, 2011
Last Login: Sunday, April 2, 2017
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