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My Reptile Interests
i've been keeping reptiles for a number of years... at one time i have had a boid from every continent, but that became too much. i'm focusing on a select few now. Boa Constrictors are definitely my favorites. i also keep rosys, dumeril's boas, colubrids (kings), ball pythons, crested geckos, 2 turtles, and i hope to have a dog soon!
Other Interests
when i'm not at work, or in class, i'm into nature. i'll try to get some hiking in, some mountain biking, swimming... basically whatever keep me outside. i love paint ball, music, martial arts. i'm interested in kali & aikido the most. i hope to start taking classes soon.
i'm into rock, metal, classical, acoustic type stuff... what ever moves me. my favorite band used to be metallica. lately, i'm into prog-metal. my favorite musician now is john petrucci. he is influencing my playing a lot lately. andy mckee (check him out on youtube) is another great musician. i've been playing since 16-17? around there. i can kick some ass, but john could kick mine. right now, i'm looking to buy a new sabre from ibanez and a new takamine acoustic. i don't have a podcast.
i'm into all kinds of movies. i especially love comedies. will ferrel! adam sandler! they do some awesome stuff.
i'm currently enrolled in the DeVry Institute of Technology, here in NY. i'm going for a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, with a concentration in Info Systems Security. currently i work with the Family Services of Westchester, but i look to change all of that soon. i am re-building/focusing my collection for breeding purposes. i love animals and want to work with them full time. eventually, i plan on opening up an exotics-based petshop. my website is currently under construction.
Anything else?
i love sandwiches!
Full Name: <private>
Location: SLATE HILL, NY  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 17
Member Since: Saturday, April 12, 2008
Last Login: Sunday, February 24, 2019
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