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About Clever_Geckos
My Reptile Interests
The tally so far is three crested geckos. As we begin breeding that number is sure to increase. I don't think we'll ever explore other species of geckos (though I would love to experiment a little with leaf-tailed (Uroplatus) geckos). I have done some field herping, if you can call it that. We have gon to Cuba a couple times now and we usually go looking for geckos, turtles and other various creatures that live by the ocean on the island.
Other Interests
I'm in school for nursing, I think. I may change to veterinary work. I ride horses and while I don't have one of my own anymore my friend lets me ride hers whenever I want. My dog Ruckus is in his senior years but we still enjoy going for runs and hikes all the time. Casa the cat is an ass.
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Currently I'm in school doing pre health. From there I will get into either nursing or veterinary work, we'll see what I get accepted to. I work full time at Rogers, selling phones and home services to people who don't understand money -.-
Anything else?
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