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About Christie
My Reptile Interests
I'm relatively new to the herp community, and my first reptile ever was a ball python i purchased in october of 2010. I recently sold him after i purchased a baby red tail, who unfortunately passed away. I then purchased a leopard gecko at an expo, after a friend talked me into it. She has many of them as pets and encouraged me to buy one, and i don't regret my decision, but i've realized since then that i prefer snakes to ay other reptiles. About 6 days ago i purchased a beautiful female red tail boa at another expo and am thoroughly pleased with my purchase :] She is very well-natured and healthy, and i'm trying to learn all i can about her species to keep her that way!
Other Interests
I'm a senior in high school preparing for college, so outside of school work i enjoy spending time with friends, the occasional party and bonfire, and spending time with my boyfriend of 6 years, who also has taken an interest in my reptiles :]
I'm a big fan of rock, metal, and classic rock, as well as r&b, rap, some country, etc. I pretty much like it all as long as it's got a good beat/tune to it, I'm not very picky.
Anything gory or funny, and the occasional complicated drama/suspense that gets you thinking :]
I'm graduating high school in june, and going on to college in the fall. I'm currently employed at a local subway shop, but am hoping to leave soon!
Anything else?
If anybody has any tips or helpful information or stories to share with me about owning and caring for Red Tail Boas, please message me! I've got the basics down obviously, or i wouldn't have purchased the animal, but i enjoy learning all i can, so feel free to give me any input you may have :]
Full Name: Christie
Location: , NY  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 02, 1993
Member Since: Saturday, April 9, 2011
Last Login: Tuesday, April 26, 2011
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