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My Reptile Interests
I currently am searching for baby albino cal king girl, so once I FINALLY get her I will have this changed as well as adding photos and videos. I love kingsnakes but could never obtain one till recently, but when I called to order it they were suddenly out :( Any suggestions??
Other Interests
I create alot of music, mostly lyrics. I also love to model and practice acting. I love spending time with my friends, especially the ones with snakes! I love xbox 360/Kinect. Its addictive. Movies, some clubs, and most of all I love spending time with FAMILY.
YMCMB, GRAND HUSTLE, Shinobi Ninja, Nirvana, J.Cole, Big Sean, Anthony Hamilton, R.Kelly (old R.Kelly), 112, Trey Songs, Lloyd, and a lot of others I cant think of right now lol. I dont have a podcast by the way.
Way too many lol johnny depp, bradjolina lol, will ferrel, jim carey, eddie murphy, jackie chan, jet li, (i.e. almost all action movies i love, i have some room for comedy and romance as well. Suspense I also dig)
I done some college for the most part i got a diploma for admin. asst. but it was because i got bored with just working and having all that free time to play. I am from the Worst area in Chattanooga TN its called East Lake 4th Avenue, look it up if you have doubts. I own a home on 5th avenue which Im selling to move to california to start my own business.
Anything else?
I love to love and love to be hated. lol I make alot of friends and never cross obvious boundaries that will ruin any friendship. I dont believe in lying to anyone because," I rather you hate me for the truth than love me for a lie!"
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