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JEMS Crested Geckos

About Marie
My Reptile Interests
We have had many different species of animal family members throughout the years. Currently we have Crested Geckos, a Bearded Dragon, an Eastern Painted Turtle, & a Sulcatta Tortoise. We are looking to add female Cresties & female Beardies.
Other Interests
We have dogs, cats, Parrot, Peacocks, Crested Geckos, a Bearded Dragon, an Eastern Painted Turtle, and a Sulcatta Tortoise at the moment. Can you tell we love animals?! :) I'm one of the lucky ones because I met and married my soulmate! We are an amazing team together in everything we do! We have a son who is out of the nest & a daughter in high school. Soon she'll be out of the nest...wonder what we'll get into then? :)
I like many genre, just depends on my mood as to what I'll be listening to. :)
Pulp Fiction, Last of the Dogmen, The Goodbye Girl, Life as a House, The Outsiders, and The Crow just to name a few. We have approximately 400 movies in our private collection so far.
Right now we enjoy "Repo", there is never a dull moment. We've been accused of and apparently we are "adrenaline junkies". It keeps us young & there is nothing wrong with that! :D
Anything else?
We are very up front but private people. If you want our opinion about anything and you can handle our total honesty then feel free to ask. We don't "sugar-coat" anything. If you want to know anything just ask! A closed mouth don't get fed!
Full Name: Marie
Location: , CO  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 05
Member Since: Thursday, August 2, 2012
Last Login: Friday, August 24, 2012
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