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About Ed Appell
My Reptile Interests
I currently keep mostly Chondros. I also have 1.0 Dumeril's Boa, 1.1 Black Milks (Lampropeltis triangulum gaigeae), 1.1 Sinaloan Milks (Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae), a whole bunch of Crested Geckos, and 1.1 Axolotls. I've been keeping herps for about 7 years, and don't do much field herping.
Other Interests
Lately I've been spending all of my free time trying to get baby chondros to eat! Otherwise, I mostly spend time with my family. I also love live music, so try to hit a few concerts a year. Love to cook, play guitar, movies.
Been playing guitar since I was 8. I listen to Dave Matthews Band, Jackie Greene, Counting Crows, and of course the old standards - Zeppelin, Floyd, Beatles, etc. (I'm an old guy!)
Jaws, Shawshank Redemption, Platoon, Mullholland Drive, Tree of Life
I've been a web developer and designer for over 20 years - I design and build web applications. I currently manage a team of web developers for a local government agency.
Anything else?
I'm trying to get better at taking photos of the snakes I produce and keep. Hopefully it shows in some of my gallery photos...
Full Name: Ed Appell
Location: Sacramento, CA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 24
Member Since: Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Last Login: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
iHerp Level Herpetological Phenom (346,777 points)
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