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About Frank
My Reptile Interests
Since i was a little boy i was infatuated with snakes and other reptiles. When we went to the zoo the highlight was always the reptile room. First reptiles started out as gardner snakes, green anoles. Wild caught blue bellied and aligator lizards. A variety of kingsnakes, gopher snakes, monitor lizards. My first boa was a hypo redtail. I have a strong passion for reptiles and plan to do some breeding in the future.
Other Interests
I have a passion for classic cars, i've had a number of old classic chevys. 1972 nova, 1970 nova, 1966 chevelle, 1964 el camino, 1967 camaro. For me it's more than just a car. I enjoy building these old classics. Seeing an old junker turn in to something that will turn heads. I also enjoy the outdoors: i love going fishing, especially in the ocean. Hiking, camping, going to the beach. I enjoy doing a lot of things, there's a lot more to life than clubs, bars and parties.
Music is a huge part of my life, i play guitar and listen to mostly rock n' roll but really listen to anything that sounds good. Some of my favorite artists would have to be: chuck berry, johnny cash, the rolling stones....
Jim Carrey
Diesel Tech. With my passion for building cars, i figured why not fix trucks. I've always been a hands on learner/worker and like seeing how things work. Makes me happy to fix something that's broken.
Anything else?
Single and looking ;)
Full Name: Frank
Location: Whittier, CA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 14, 1985
Member Since: Sunday, May 6, 2012
Last Login: Thursday, August 22, 2013
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