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About LisardSchnake
My Reptile Interests
My Reptile keeping Experience! Leopard geckos (12 years) Corn snakes (10 years) Ball pythons (1.5 years) Chameleon (6 months) Green Tree Python (4 months)
Other Interests
Photography! Gardening Birding I keep a lot of animals besides reptiles. I have a cockatiel, a parakeet, a cat, several fish tanks, and a Turkey. I also breed rats to feed my snakes, and i admit the breeder rats are considered my pets....and i breed meal worms and dubias to feed my gecko and chameleon...
I like most music actually. I don't like rap much...getting tired of the 80's because my boss plays the same channel all the time, but I will like the 80's again someday. I like to think i can play the ocarina, but i'm out of practice. I dont even know what a podcast is lol.
Anything Disney Anything Quentin Tarantino Anything With Johnny Depp Nothing With Kristen Sterwart
euah....I HAVE STUDENT DEBT that should say it all right there.... even sounds like a DISEASE....
Anything else?
ah! I ....uh....Volunteer at an aquarium....I feed the Giant pacific Octopus....ITS THE BIGGEST ONE IN THE WORLD.
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Birthday: March 02
Member Since: Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Last Login: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
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