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My Reptile Interests
I have a green iguana,3 bearded dragons 1 sandfire 1 red 1 norm, an african sideneck turtle 2 normal ball pythons 2 whites tree frogs 2 golden geckos,3 leopard geckos(not sure wht morphs but def dont look normal).i got my first reptile at 15 was a ball been hoocked every since. i do field herp some but not as fun by yourself. theres some great spots here in the scioto county area tho. would be nice to meet fellow herpers in the area seein how im new to the area.
Other Interests
fish, hike ,game on pc in winter months,build enclosures out of old big screen tv's
pantera,ozzy,disturbed, anything from 70s
dont realy have a favorite movie some i watch once some i watch more than once i like comedy's more than others tho. jack nicholson,val kilmer,
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Anything else?
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Birthday: December 09
Member Since: Saturday, August 14, 2010
Last Login: Sunday, August 22, 2010
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