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About Ado(Add-Dough)
My Reptile Interests
My top three are Macklott, BRB, and Ball Python. I had a BP but I had to recently give her away because my apartment complex was getting paranoid. She also need more room and I couldn't afford a bigger enclosure at this moment. When I do get a bigger place I will get back to my top list. I'm into geckos too!
Other Interests
I like to go out. I like animals so I hang around the pet stores a lot. I got a new thing for hedgehogs for some reason. I like skateboarding, snowboarding, wake boarding. Anything with a board lol. I love to dance and have a few drinks but I don't like myself or others being drunk. ROAD TRIPS...I LOVE EM! If only the military wasn't so much into my life. Love to travel too!
Believe it or not..I like Atreyu, 10 years, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights, Muse, The Used, Envy of The Coast (GET THAT LUCY GRAY ALBUM ITS HAWT!) Pretty much that type of genre of music. Gym Class Heroes went to a concert not to long ago pretty pimp. I like Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Rap, pretty much everything except country. I just can't into it.
I'm a sucker for zombie movies even if its bad. I probably watch it twice. Horror, action, drama, sci-fi. I'm pretty broad when it comes it. My favorite movie is The Beach. Its just good movie that I honestly can't get tired of.
I'm currently in the U.S. Navy. So yes...I'm in the military. Unfortunately because I'm in the military I can't really follow what I would like to do. I always wanted to work for National Geographic. Studying animals. I like to take photographs and write. So I guess..a photojournalist is what I want to become. I just need to get started somehow..
Anything else?
I like meeting new people who has the same love for reptiles and animals alike. If your in VA Beach, Va or around DC/MD drop an me an email!
Full Name: Ado(Add-Dough)
Location: Virgnia Beach, VA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 22, 1986
Member Since: Friday, September 26, 2008
Last Login: Sunday, December 19, 2010
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