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My Reptile Interests
We received an adult female normal ball python through a friend who got her from a friend. This means we have no idea about her past or lineage other than the fact that she is nearly ten years old. She has a great temperament, although I believe Lucy is wild caught. Our love of her grew quickly and after having her for about 5 years, we decided to get another one. We purchased a hatchling male pastel het albino and are having a great time getting him acclimated. Future breeding is definitely in the works.
Other Interests
Work, work, work.
Podcast is a near future possibility. I have a lot of favorite bands, I'm not picky. I can handle and enjoy any genre. I don't play any instruments but I like to sing and I can whistle something mean!
Knocked up, Stepbrothers, What to Expect...silly things. Anything horror related or gory. American horror story is great, exorcist, the ring, anything creepy is my favorite. Orange is the new black is a good one- true blood is cool. When you only have netflix, these are the things you watch lol
I groom dogs. I've been doing this for over 5 years, I love it and I'm good at it. I work a lot. Going to college, working on GE.
Anything else?
Don't judge me, I'm new to the snake scene :) advice is always welcome. Oh, and I'm getting married in 3 months :D
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