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About Ray Hunter, Sc.D.
My Reptile Interests
BANDED KRAITS Bungarus fasciatus BLACK & WHITE SPITTING COBRAS Naja siamensis CAPE COBRAS Naja nivea CAPE COBRAS (yellow / Speckled) Naja nivea CORAL SNAKES (Eastern) Micrurus f. fulvius EASTERN DIAMONDBACK RATTLESNAKE Crotalus adamanteus (baby) EASTERN DIAMONDBACK RATTLESNAKE Crotalus adamanteus EGYPTIAN COBRAS Naja haje GABOON VIPERS (c.b. W.A. babies) Bitis gabonica GABOON VIPERS (East African) baby Bitis gabonica GABOON VIPERS (East African) Bitis gabonica HAGEN'S VIPERS Trimerusurus hageni HALF_MOON VIPER (URUTU) Bothrops alternatus HORNED ADDER Bitis caudalis ISLA MARGARITA HOGNOSE VIPERS Porthidium lansbergi hutmanni JAMESON'S MAMBAS Dendroaspis jamesoni KING COBRA (8' Indo) Ophiophagus hannah MALAYAN PIT VIPERS Calloselasma rhodostoma MALAYSIAN KING COBRAS Ophiophagus hannah MALAYSIAN KRAIT (Albino) Bungarus candidus MALAYSIAN KRAITS Bungarus candidus MALAYSIAN MOUNTAIN VIPERS Ovophis monticola MANGROVE PIT VIPERS Trimerusurus purpureomaculatus MAPANARE LANCEHEAD (c.b. '05) Bothrops colombiensis MIDNIGHT MANGROVE SNAKES Boiga dendrophila gemmicincta NEOTROPICAL RATTLESNAKE Crotalus durissus POPE'S TREE VIPERS Trimerusurus poperium PUFF ADDERS Bitis arientas RED SPITTING COBRAS Naja palida RED SPITTING COBRAS (baby) Naja palida SEDGE / GREAT LAKES BUSH VIPER Atheris nitschei SNOUTED COBRA Naja annulifera annulifera VENEZUELAN LANCEHEAD (c.b. '07) Bothrops venezuelensis WAGLER'S PIT VIPERS (Sulawasi) Tropidolaemus wagleri WAGLER'S VIPERS (Sumatran) Trimerusurus wagleri sumatranus WHITE INDONESIAN SPITTING COBRA Naja sputatrix (white.) WHITE LIPPED TREE VIPERS Trimerusurus albolabris WHITE TAILED JARARACA Bothrops leucurus
Other Interests
Property Investment, Diving, Music (bass & synthesizers)
can't be bothered
owner: Hunter Serpentology, LLC & Self employed Property Investment & real estate
Anything else?
In March 2006, I got my Doctorate of Science (Sc.D.) in Herpetology
Full Name: Ray Hunter, Sc.D.
Location: Port St Lucie, FL  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 24
Member Since: Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Last Login: Sunday, February 15, 2009
iHerp Level Super Newbie (810 points)
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