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About Alicia
My Reptile Interests
I have one ball python, and want to add more. I have had him for three weeks now. I want to get into breeding them, so that I can see what the babies look like. I am now interested in corn snakes, rosy boas and western hognose snakes. I have not done any field herping before, but would like to try it sometime. If there are people in my area who enjoy doing that, I would like to go along sometime.
Other Interests
I write science fiction and fantasy books. I also like to listen to music while I am on the computer.
I like Petra, Newsboys, The Afters. I only listen to Christian music. I do not podcast.
I like action movies, such as the die hard series, the transformer movies, gone in 60 seconds, the fast and the furious movies. I also like some family movies, such as the chronicles of Narnia and the Santa clause movies.
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Anything else?
I would like to open a pet store that specializes in snakes, snake supplies and food. I wonder if anybody on this site has the same idea I have, because I need help to get my business started. I have chosen a name for my business, but I need help choosing a location and finding people who will visit my store after I get it up and running. My ball pythons will help when they finally weigh enough to breed, but I will need more then one breeding pair of animals for my store. I am very interested in meeting people who share a passion for snakes.
Full Name: Alicia
Location: Ankeny, IA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 01, 1974
Member Since: Saturday, March 22, 2014
Last Login: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
iHerp Level Spicy Pepper (6,856 points)
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