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About shellboa
My Reptile Interests
Snakes: Ball pythons*, Carpet pythons, Common red-tail boas*, Dumerils boas, Kenyan and Saharan sand boas, Rosy boas, Rubber boa*, Corns, kings-Mexican black, California and Cape Baja and Northern black pine. Lizards: Rhino iguanas, Cuban Rock Iguana, Blue tongue skinks, Sudanese Plated, Mali uromastyx*, Egyptian Uromastyx. Geckos: Crestie, Leachie Tortoises:A Red foot, a Russian and one Sulcata* Frog: Chubby/Indian painted frog (my chubs is awesome!) 2 White's or dumpy's Inverts: a rose hair, a colony of hissers, a colony of Dubia and 2 species of 'pedes *note: this indicates that one or more of these animals were rescues.
Other Interests
There's fun outside of reptiles? My son recently made Eagle! I work part time (with reptiles!) and I have a few hobbies including, glass fusing, clay (metal and poly) and making jewelry. I have been supplying my work place with simple beaded earrings to support our latest donation recipient "The Venom Project".
Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Tracy Chapman, Rescue, Jeremy Camp, Rush, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, John Denver and the list goes on...
Best Movie: Quiet Earth Favorite actor: Sean Connery Favorite actress Meryl Streep
My snake breeding is simply a hobby at this point because my philosophy is that some thing done for fun stops being fun when you have to make your living at it. I am a forcibly retired union carpenter, was permanently injured on the job. I do volunteer work with reptiles and the Scouts. I also work part time at "House of Reptiles & Venomous Reptile Museum" a dream job where I take care of reptiles all day.
Anything else?
Ixnay on the oopidstay
Full Name: <private>
Location: , OR  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 17
Member Since: Thursday, April 16, 2009
Last Login: Thursday, March 5, 2020
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