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Sam Bearden

About Sam Bearden
My Reptile Interests
Well I have been into reptiles my whole life. Got my first Burm in 1989. Did not get serious into the Burms until 2001 and then just went at it like there was no tomorrow. We also have started trying our hand at Blood Pythons. They are a lot like Burms maybe that is why we like them so much.
Other Interests
Spend time with the family and friends, play with the dogs and ride my motorcycle.
Anything Psychopathic Records has their hand in. I am also into old thrash and heavy metal. Slayer, Anthrax,Pantera you get the Idea.
American History X, Pulp Fiction, Dennis Leary , Anything Horror.
I work for a plant here in South Carolina.
Anything else?
We love this hobby. I am not breeding to get rich or hell even to make much of anything extra we breed and sell burms so that they can pay their own way. If we make enough to feed and house the 20+ burms and 8 Blood pythons we have plus the nearly 100 babies we are happy and if we make a little more than that normally it goes right back into more snakes.. We have a forum and a website so check them out and
Full Name: Sam Bearden
Location: , SC  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 22, 1972
Member Since: Saturday, June 13, 2009
Last Login: Sunday, May 8, 2011
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