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My Reptile Interests
ive been keeping reptiles since i was nine years old. in the last sixteen years of keeping reptiles it only fills like five years gone by. In my sixteen years of keeping these wonderful animals i bought too many to even count. i bought some from people who couldn't care for them anymore, adopted many from pet stores that were gonna put them down just cause its missing a leg or some kind of issue with it. i rescued some that needed urgent medical care, some couldn't make it to my local vet and others pulled thew. Id catch reptiles out in remote areas, if they had injures i try my hardest to save them. Sometimes they come out okay and i release them back were i found them. Some aren't so lucky and had to be put down. All the reptiles die on my care goes this place i know in the mountains were there bodies are buried i give them food water a name and prayer so that their spirit can pass over. Reptiles are not the only creatures i save im the kind of guy who just loves animals and would put my life in danger to save them. When i was dealing with the lost of one of my own dogs. I went to my shelter online sight and saw my current dog i have now, and i fell in love at first sight. I may have saved his life, but in the end i think he saved my life.
Other Interests
camping, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, long walks, street mushing, gardening, building things, barbecuing, movies, watching tv, sit in a massage chair, helping out my family and neighbors when i can, sometimes im so busy that a afternoon nap is like the best thing in the world.
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