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About Mitch Thurston
My Reptile Interests
I don't have any herps...yet! but I am very interested in gecko breeds like leos and african fat tails, I plan on owning them soon but at the moment I am a invert keeper, I own three tarantulas, (Chilean Rose Hair, chaco golden knee, and mexican redrump) but im expanding my interest to reptiles!
Other Interests
I like to play guitar and compose music, I am also an artist, I like to draw and desigh tattoos, im very interested in the motorcycle industry so I sketch out bike plans I'd like to build, other things I like to do for fun is get together with friends, play chess or card games or hang out have a few drinks and listen to music all night.
I listen to say many bands...too many to list, but im very big into all types of metal, rock,punk and anything else!:)
I like a number of comedies, I also like old horror movies, I collect them, I like alot of thrillers too.
I recently graduated, I completed a trade course for being a welder, im a certified welder and metal fitter now and I am now job hunting! :)
Anything else?
im new to reptiles! so any kind advice would be appreciated! I would love to meet new people on here and make new friends :D
Full Name: Mitch Thurston
Location: , QC  CA
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 05, 1988
Member Since: Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Last Login: Sunday, March 28, 2010
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