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About Amy Andrews
My Reptile Interests
We have kept a variety of reptiles, inverts, fish and mammals since childhood. Focusing on crested geckos currently, future plans include more rhacs and Uromastyx species. We have gone "herping" for scorpions a couple of times, but I'm too afraid of running into rattlesnakes on warm desert nights. :)
Other Interests
Video games, reading, jigsaw puzzles...
Too many bands to list :)
Too many to list
Would love to go back to school, but currently working in digital marketing.
Anything else?
Moon Valley Reptiles is the name my boyfriend and I chose for our reptile breeding business. Nothing for sale right now, we are concentrating on growing our collection! :) We are located in Moon Valley, a neighborhood in North Phoenix, Arizona. You can visit our website at
Full Name: Amy Andrews
Location: Phoenix, AZ  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 26
Member Since: Saturday, May 22, 2010
Last Login: Thursday, November 12, 2015
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