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Cupcake Queen 101

About Cupcake Queen 101
My Reptile Interests
one snake, i have kept reptiles since christmas eve in 2011 i have no field in herping but i plan to.
Other Interests
i play with animals escpecially my dogs im very artistic i love to make homemade things like a little house for my snake, and i like to sew i make pillows and soon clothes . i love to ride my forwheeler and shoot my gun i am a tomboy but sometimes a girly girl
i like 3 doors down ac dc, i like rodney atkins nickleback and eminem. i play a little gutiar and i play trumpet.
i like horror movies i like scream 4 halloween 8 mile bad teacher i like comedys i like lucy hale i like the movie another cinderella story or something like that but it has lucy hale in it i like all zombie movies.
i am in schooltheres alot of things i want to be i want to be a vet clothes designer something to do with fbi csi or police and or something to do with special needs therepy.
Anything else?
i love everthing ecspecialy comments from people i want to know more about the green viper i plan to do some research about them i love everything except bugs and spiders i really love snakes comment on me
Full Name: <private>
Location: <private>
Gender: <private>
Birthday: July 13
Member Since: Monday, December 26, 2011
Last Login: Thursday, May 3, 2012
iHerp Level NeoNate (2,700 points)
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